• Winter Sports Include: Basketball, Bowling, Cheer, Hockey, Indoor Track, Swimming and Wrestling

    Games Schedules found are found at www.sectionvny.org.

    All Varsity and JV tryouts begin Monday, November 14, 2022 except for Indoor Track which will be held starting Wednesday, November 16, 2022.
    All Modified tryouts start Monday, November 28, 2022.

    *Practice/tryout times and locations listed are for the first week only and are expected to change based on facility availability. Please maintain good communication with coaches. 9th grade students are encouraged to try out for JV.

    It is anticipated that JV/V Tryouts will begin on Monday, November 13 and Modified on Monday, November 27

    V/JV/Mod A Boys Basketball – James Erbland/Michael Judd/Joseph Innes

    Mod B Boys Basketball – TBD/Austin Steppenbeck

    V/JV Girls Basketball – Thomas Velletri/Rebecca Rossier 

    Mod Girls Basketball – TBD

    V Bowling – Gordon DiBattisto

    JV/V Cheer - Gerri Hofstra
    Mod Cheer – Sara Kaypak 

    Hockey – Greg Stahl 

    Indoor Track - Michael LaFrance

    V Boys Swimming – Daniel Hickey
    Mod Boys Swimming – Laurie Torrence

    V/JV Wrestling – Thomas Rispoli/Matthew Schirmer
    Mod Wrestling – David Schickler 

    **All coaches have district email.


    To be eligible on the first day of practice the following two criteria must be met:

    • Current Physical:  A physical is current if the date of the exam is dated within one (1) year of the month of your sport starting. For example, if the sport starts on September 1, 2022, any physical exam dated September 1, 2021, or later is considered current. A physical exam should be obtained by the student-athlete’s own doctor and a copy provided to the school nurse.   

    • FamilyID Registration & Approval:  Each parent/guardian must create an account and register the student for a sport. The school nurse then reviews the information in the registration and approves the student for participation. Please allow 5-7 days for approval after registering.

    The complete directions for the FamilyID site can be found below:

    FamilyID Directions.pdf

    Tutorial Family ID - How to.pdf

    Please call the Athletic Office at (585) 637-1836 if you have any concerns, questions or need assistance.