Student Council

  • The Hill School student council is a group of fourth and fifth grade students who were selected to provide a learning opportunity in representative governance. The students represent the entire student body. Each classroom has one representative. Representatives initiate, plan, and execute extracurricular activities with the assistance of a faculty advisor, using principles of democratic government.

    The student council officers consist of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The club holds meetings two times per month during the school year. Student council representatives follow the school code of conduct at all times. Many of the activities organized by the student council are conducted both in and outside of the Hill School.

    Accounting for, and reporting of funds that may be collected and/or distributed will be done in accordance with published district and state guidelines for the operation of extra classroom activity accounts.

    The treasurer (under the guidance of a faculty advisor) is in charge of and keeps a record of all financial activities of the student council.