Hill Related Service Providers

  • Speech Language Therapists

    Jennifer Hoenk; Room 5275
    Mrs. Hoenk has been a speech/language pathologist for 16 years and is beginning her 5th year at the Hill School.  
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    Makenzie Parkhurst; Room 5275
    Ms. Parkhurst has been a speech/language pathologist for the past 2 years, with some of her time spent at the Hill School each week.  
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    Dana Aiello, Room 5275
    Mrs. Aiello is a speech and language pathologist (SLP) at Hill School. She has been an SLP for several years. 
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    Occupational Therapists

    Kelly Coon; Room 5160
    Mrs. Coon has worked for the Brockport Central School District for the past 22 years and has enjoyed getting to know and build relationships with many families, teachers, and staff throughout these years. She very strongly believes that teamwork is key, and that kindness should be at the root of all interaction. She states that its truly an honor to work with the students on her caseload and such a delight to watch them succeed, not only at school, but also in their personal lives as adults!  
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    Physical Therapists

    Kristin Smith; Room 5160
    Mrs Smith has been a K-12 school based PT for 22 years.  She has enjoyed working with students of all ages, abilities and personalities.   
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    Music Therapist

    Angelica Coudriet
    Ms. Coudriet is the district’s Kindergarten through Grade 12 music therapist. While this is Ms. Coudriet’s first year working for Brockport, this is her 12th year working in special education as a music therapist.
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    Adapted Physical Education

    Colleen Molina; Room 5140
    Mrs. Molina has been working in adapted physical education, in some capacity, for the past 11 years. This is her first year at Brockport, and she is excited to exclusively have adapted PE classes.
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