Inclusive Education Services

  • Special Education Teachers

    Special Education teachers are trained to work with students who have been identified by the Committee on Special Education (CSE) as having a disability. A variety of special education programs, ranging from consultant-teacher classes to self-contained classes are available within the District. Special Education teachers work closely with parents, school administrators, counselors and other classroom teachers in order to devlop individualized education programs.

    Individualized Transition Plans

    Students also have an Individualized Transition Plan (ITP) which is required by law when the student reaches age 14. The ITP helps students prepare for careers, employment, post-secondary education and other aspects of adult life. 

    Our students play the most important role in this process as they practice goal-setting and decision-making skills with our transition counselor.

    Individualized Education Programs

    The student IEP is both a process and a product which contains several elements that are required by law. They include:

    • A summary of the student's present performance level
    • Long-term educational goals
    • A list of special education and support services, materials and interventions to be provided, including a timetable and personnel

    Grade-level Programming

    This program offers support with organization, study skills, literacy skills and math skills through abbreviated instructional lessons within the resource room.

    Consultant Teacher Services

    Consultant teacher services are provided for students with mild handicapping conditions. Special Education teachers go into the student's content class(es) to assist with instruction. Special Education consultant teachers work as a team with the student's classroom teachers to ensure individual needs are met.

    Appropriate Learning Environments

    "Least restrictive environments" at BHs include self-contained classrooms with teacher/student ratios of 12:1:1.