Instructional Resources

  • The 3 B’s

    friendly-bee.jpgBe Respectful focuses on being nice to others by using good manners, saying kind words, and being helpful.

    friendly-bee.jpgBe Responsible emphasizes following directions, taking care of our belongings, and cleaning up after ourselves.  We also talk to the students about being responsible by telling the truth.

    friendly-bee.jpgBe a Learner is all about showing that we are ready to learn through our actions.

    Purposeful People

    This year, we will be implementing the Purposeful People Program.  We believe students should have safe, predictable places to learn where they feel included. Students should have healthy and helpful connections with teachers and classmates. They should also experience learning that will help them tackle challenges inside and outside of school. Purposeful People is more than a set of lessons - it is a partnership between schools and families to create a place where students feel like they belong and learn skills that will help them be the best they can be! 

    Are you wondering what you can do at home to support your child’s education?

    Here are just a few ways you can help at home:

    • Check your child’s take-home folder each day.
    • Initial the “bee sheet” located in your child’s folder to see
      how their day was.
    • Encourage your child to read daily.
    • Practice reading and writing our weekly high-frequency words.
    • Practice fluency with addition and subtraction facts up to 10.

    Additional Home Practice for First Graders

    Parents will be provided with the online login information for their first grader’s instructional program accounts. If you are unable to access the programs, please contact your child’s teacher.


    Ginther School has lots of technology available to your child to use throughout the school day. We will be working to show each child how to expand their knowledge of technology and how it can be used constructively in their daily lives.

    Each classroom is equipped with a Clear Touch that the students and I can access to enhance learning. The Clear Touch accommodates different learning styles. Tactical learners can use the screen and learn by touching and marking the board, audio learners can have discussion and visual learners can observe the teaching on the board.  Each student also has an ipad loaded with many education apps to support reading, writing, and math. Students will learn how to write their letters and number, learn the beginning stages of typing, practice reading and answering comprehension questions, and even conduct research using their iPad!

    Apps that you can also use at home:

    • Raz Kids
    • IXL
    • Lexia
    • Seesaw