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The Hill School Outdoor Education Club Spring Flower Sale

We are getting ready to start our second and last fundraiser for the year-end camping adventure at the Sunshine Camp in Rush, NY. 

Students need to sell five (5) plants to reach their goal of $40. If your child has already sold FIVE plants during our poinsettia sale, they are all set to go camping. Also, if your child paid $40 in cash or check, they are all set to go camping. For example, if your child sold 3 poinsettias this past December, they only need to sell 2 hanging baskets to reach their goal of $40 this spring. 

If you are going to just pay $40 to cover the cost of your student’s camping trip the money is due Friday, April 7, 2023. 

This flower sale will include twelve (12) choices of hanging baskets. Each basket costs $30. Each year the baskets are beautiful. If you know anyone who has bought one, they will tell you how wonderful they are. 

The Spring Flower Hanging Basket Sale orders are due Wednesday, March 8. The flowers will be delivered on Tuesday, May 9, just in time for Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 14! Pick up times will be 3:30 - 6 p.m. on May 9. 

 Click here for the 2023 Spring Flower Selection

Spring Flowers