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OMS language classes participate in worldwide music competitions

March is Music in Our Schools month and foreign language students at OMS are proving that music extends beyond traditional music classes and programs as French and Spanish Language students participate in national and worldwide musical competitions during March.

French students in grades 6-8 are participating in Manie Musicale for the second year, with 4000 schools competing internationally. Students from all 50 states, all the provinces of Canada and 23 countries will listen to the same 16 Francophone songs from 2021-2023 and vote on which will be the winner of Manie 2023. Brockport teacher Mrs. Solis was part of the music selection committee for 2023 and is part of the Art Contest judges panel! The competition ends April 5.  

Manie Musicale 2023 School Map 

Spanish students in grades 6-8 are participating in Senor Ashby's Locura de Marzo's competition for the first time. It is one of three nationwide Spanish music competitions that Spanish teachers can choose to participate in. Senor Ashby's competition is also international, with over 1400 schools participating in all 50 states and in 17 countries. Brockport teachers Mrs. Dio and Mrs. Solis were part of the panel to help select this year's songs! The Spanish competition ends March 17.    

Locura 2023 School Map