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BHS student participates in 33rd Annual Puerto Rican/ Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute

Brockport High School Junior Edwin Roblero Paz participated in the 33rd Annual Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican/ Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute (PRHYLI) in Albany.

Edwin explained that while he was hesitant at first, he ended up enjoying the program and was one of 200 junior and senior delegates statewide to attend this year’s four-day institute.

“I heard about the program through Miss. Smith,” Edwin said. “She is amazing person and thought I would be interested at first.”

During the four-day long institute, Edwin participated in workshops, learned about parliamentary procedures and developed his skills as a leader. He also had the opportunity to represent Assembly Member Jeff Gallahan at a Mock Assembly.

"I have watched Edwin grow into a leader in our school community,” Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator Orlando Benzan said. “He was one of 200 students statewide who attended 30 hours of leadership training and shared that he is looking forward to returning next year to further refine his leadership skills.” 

The institute consists of 3 main phases: training student delegates, participating in the institute, and extending and refining their leadership skills.

According to PRHYLI Local Coordinator Anna Stukes, Edwin grew through each training session he participated in.

“He practiced parliamentary procedures during trainings and developed bill debates with his peers,” Stukes said. “He was a supportive member in our delegation…[and] was a cooperative, responsible, and courteous participant.”

For participating in the training sessions, Edwin received a Certificate of Community Service for his Civic Engagement that he can use toward his Participation In Government/ Economics courses which he will be able to take next school year.

According to Edwin, the most impactful part of the experience was “going to see where republicans and democrats debate and people make history and pass laws.”

“This is important for Hispanic students because we are not just students, but members of the Latin community.” Edwin said. “Overall, Latinos need to be heard but, most of all, we need to stick together.”

As for his future plans, Edwin said he’s still figuring them out, but is hopeful to return to the program in 2024 “and help out in any way [he] can.”

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