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Ginther Elementary adds full-day pre-k classroom

Brockport Central School District has the exciting opportunity to expand our wonderfully successful half-day pre-kindergarten (pre-k) program to include one full-day pre-k pilot classroom starting this September!

We have been investigating how to expand the success of our current half-day pre-k program to include full-day and eventually transportation. While we were initially anticipating this transition to begin in September of 2023, several factors aligned sooner than expected. At a recent meeting with New York State Education Department, we were informed that we are eligible for pre-k expansion funding for this upcoming school year. Furthermore, our kindergarten registration numbers are lower than anticipated, providing us with classroom space and staffing.

Our first full-day pre-k pilot classroom will be located in our Ginther Elementary School, where our current half-day pre-k program resides. It will be a proportional expansion of our current pre-k curriculum, which primarily provides developmental and social emotional learning and growth. The full-day program will also include the opportunity for breakfast and lunch, as well as snack time and nap time.

We hope the success of this full-day expansion results in additional full-day classrooms next year and eventually includes student transportation.

Please see the letter attached below from Ginther Principal, Mr. Yu, for information on how to apply for the full-day pre-k program. Families already registered for the half-day pre-k program for the fall only need to respond if they want to enter their child(ren) into the lottery for the full-day program. 

Please feel free to contact Mr. Yu with any questions.

Full-day Pre-L Application Letter