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Brockport administrators help prepare next generation of educators

Barclay Elementary Principal Scott Morrison and Fred Hill Elementary Assistant Principal Lauren Combo helped student teachers at SUNY Brockport complete mock-interviews in preparation for graduation.

On December 13, 2022, Principal Morrison and Assistant Principal Combo posed as interviewers to help soon-to-be college graduates prepare to secure teaching jobs after graduation.

According to Morrison, both district administrators were reached out to by Dr. Jie Zhang to see if they would provide feedback to students in the college’s Childhood Inclusive Education program.

Since 2016, Brockport Central Schools’ faculty has helped to prepare future educators by participating in the mock interview simulation. Neither Morrison nor Combo is new to this process, having both served on the mock-interview committee in previous years.

“It’s helpful to understand where some of our potential teacher candidates are coming from and what we can expect from the next generation of teachers,” Combo said. “It allows us to better prepare the district’s resources so we can meet the candidates where they are at in order to ensure our new teachers have a successful first year.”

The program looks a little different than it once did. While they used to meet at Oliver Middle School and students used to rotate classrooms to different members of the interview panel, this year Morrison and Combo met a group of students at the college and provided tips and tricks on how to have a successful interview.

“This process is a good way to give back to the teaching profession,” Morrison said. “It also provides candidates, who are coming through, with a great opportunity to gain some in-person interviewing experience, ask questions, and receive feedback because it’s something I never had when I was in their shoes.”

While the administrators helped students at the collegiate level, their BCSD students were never far from their minds.

“We know students in our district are searching for their first jobs or are preparing to go on interviews themselves,” Combo said. “It’s important to remember to be on time, to dress for the position you’re applying for, and to smile – let your personality shine.”

“Do your own research on the place you’re applying to and be aware of your digital footprint,” Morrison advised. “It’s important to be prepared and you don’t want your presence on the internet to affect your interview – just being aware will help you be less nervous.”

This program is possible through the district’s strong connection with the college.

“We are so thankful for the partnership with SUNY Brockport for the opportunity to prepare their students but also to prepare our new teacher orientation program so that will be beneficial,” Combo said.

“If they [the students] haven’t had an opportunity to work with the district yet, it’s a great way for them to see district representatives and work with us a little,” Morrison said. “It’s a great connection we have with the college, and it begins with that networking.”

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