Director of Learning and Staff Development announcement

After an extensive interview process, the Brockport Central School District selected Mr. Brandon Broughton as the Director of Learning and Staff Development. Mr. Broughton’s appointment was approved by Brockport’s Board of Education during the May 18, 2021, BOE meeting. He will begin his new position this summer. 


Brandon began his career in education in Brockport, teaching at the Hill school for eleven years. He then served as an Assistant Principal for three years before being promoted to Principal of the Hill School, where he has been for the last six years.


“Having worked in the district for twenty years, and also being a resident, I am very invested in the success of our schools and look forward to contributing to our continuous improvement as a district,” says Brandon. “I am very proud of the work we have done at Hill School and grateful for all the wonderful relationships and memories I have from my time there. In all my different experiences at Hill School, student learning has always been at the forefront of my focus, and I look forward to bringing that perspective to my new role.” 


“We are very excited to have Brandon take on this new role within our District,” says Superintendent Sean Bruno. “Throughout Brandon’s tenure at Brockport, he has built strong working relationships with students, faculty, staff, colleagues and parents. His proven ability to positively and collaboratively move staff towards meeting school and district goals will be one of his many strengths as he transitions into this PK-12 position.”

The Brockport Central School District will begin its search for the next Hill School Principal and hope to bring a successful candidate to the Board of Education for approval in July. 


The district would like to thank all those who participated in the interview process. We hope you will join us in welcoming Brandon Broughton to this new position within the district.