Dr. Farley presented with James C. Fallon Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Ena Farley, a long-time member of Brockport Central School District’s Board of Education, was presented with the James C. Fallon Distinguished Service Award during the September 7 BOE meeting.

Dr. Farley, a noted scholar of African American history and Professor Emerita at SUNY Brockport, was first elected to Brockport’s BOE in 1986, served through 1989 and was reelected to serve from 1989-1994. Dr. Farley was nominated by former BCSD superintendent, James Fallon. Mr. Fallon described Dr. Farley as a “quiet, strong and reliable leader on the Board who was well respected. She was a thoughtful leader, listened more than she spoke, but when she spoke, people listened.”

The James C. Fallon Distinguished Service Award was established and presented last year to Mr. Fallon in honor of his many years of faithful service to the district. Brockport’s BOE may present this award annually to a district student, employee or community member who demonstrates the following characteristics: confident, expert-level knowledge in a given field; wisdom, leading to effective judgement confidence confidence and empathy; a commitment to the principles of servant leadership and individual empowerment; rigorous accountability to themselves and to the community and humbleness.

There were numerous outstanding accomplishments throughout Dr. Farley’s tenure as a Board member led to her nomination and award.

  • Dr. Farley was instrumental in the addition of the Fred W. Hill School to our campus. Her support of an intensive study to ensure an informed decision resulted in another incredible Brockport school.
  • Dr. Farley was one of the original leaders of increasing diversity in Brockport CSD. In addition to guiding diversity in our workforce, she supported adding diversity, inclusion and equity to our curriculum. This leadership resulted in our district being a county leader, and her work impacted the advancement of diversity throughout our region and state.
  • Dr. Farley was a champion of BCSD and a tremendous link between SUNY Brockport and our district. She helped forge relationships and open opportunities for our students and staff. She actively supported our 3-1-3 program and promoted various programs with the college.

Dr. Farley has expert-level knowledge in the field of education. She earned her Ph.D. in American History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison; her Master’s in Education at the Putney Graduate School of Teacher Education and her Bachelor of Arts in History (with honors) from the University of London, University College of the West Indies. In addition to her local work, Dr. Farley served as a Regent for the NYS Board of Regents from 1997-2002. She retired in 1995 as Professor and Chairperson for the Department of African and Afro-American Studies at SUNY Brockport, where she has taught since 1973; she previously served as Assistant Professor of American History at SUNY Buffalo.

Dr. Farley was involved in numerous publications. She authored, The Underside of Reconstruction New York: The Struggle Over the Issue of Black Equality, Garland Press, NY, 1993 and over thirty articles in The Western Journal of Black Studies, Afro-Americans in New York Life.

In addition to being an expert in her field, Dr. Farley has clearly demonstrated a commitment to the principles of servant leadership and individual empowerment. As shown throughout her career and her service to our district, Dr. Farley’s wisdom resulted in effective judgement based on transparency and empathy. Her participation in our community and throughout our region and state demonstrates rigorous accountability.

Dr. Farley’s name has been added to the James C. Fallon Distinguished Service Award plaque and is displayed in Brockport’s Board of Education Room in the District Office. For more information on the James C. Fallon Distinguished Service Awarddistrict , please see the district website.

BCSD Board President Terry Ann Carbone virtually presented Dr. Farley with the James C. Fallon Distinguished Service Award.Carbone presents award