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BHS students compete in Science Olympiad

On Saturday February 4, 10 students from Brockport High School competed in the Regional Science Olympiad tournament with other schools from Monroe County and the surrounding area. 

Science Olympiad consists of over 20 events in Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering.  Students prepared the last few months, practicing lab skills, researching college-level science, studying trees and rocks and minerals, designing and building bridges, catapults, and airplanes. 

The team, coached by Joe Flanagan and Craig Coon, placed 11th overall and placed in the top 10 in many events.  Some of the highlights included:

  • Alex Mitchell and Yushua Nieves placed 3rd in Trajectory.
  • Yushua Nieves and Brenna Green placed 5th in Fermi Questions.
  • Christina Too and Cheyenne McCullough placed 6th in Chemistry Lab.
  • Adelina Morici placed 7th in Dynamic Planet.
  • Alyse Cordiero and Christina Too placed 8th in Remote Sensing.
  • Brenna Green and Isabelle Baker placed 10th in Green Generation.

Congratulations to our participants for the hard work they put in preparing for this event!

Science Olympiad

Participating were (front row) Adelina Morici, Cheyenne McCullough, Kaylee Stephens, Christina Too, (back row) Brenna Green, Isabelle Baker, Alyse Cordiero, Muriel Coyle, Yushua Nieves, and Alex Mitchell (not Pictured).