• Mission: We engage and empower each student to achieve excellence as a learner and citizen.

    As part of the strategic planning process, the district's mission statement highlights our purpose and student focus. Brockport's vision was created to portray the district's aspirations: "We aspire to be a leading, innovative, high-performing school district that graduates each student prepared for college or a career."

    District goals:

    • Curriculum development and support: Collaboratively establish an ongoing short- and long-term plan for curriculum development and implementation that includes clarity of purpose, process, procedures and communication.
    • Research-based practices and collaboration: Focus on the use of specific instructional practices with a focus on differentiation and co-teaching models to promote high levels of student engagement and inquiry.
    • Social and emotional health/community of caring: Provide aligned opportunities to create and/or strengthen academic and behavioral supports for students through a Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS), including PBIS and RTI.
    • Family and community engagement: Engage in meaningful opportunities for all families and community stakeholders focused on reciprocal communication to ensure student learning and growth.

    • Leadership: This goal is embedded within each of the other four goal areas. The purpose of rooting it into each goal is to continuously foster leadership in the areas of curriculum development; research-based practices and collaboration; student social and emotional health; and family and community engagement to achieve each school's targeted outcomes. 

    Brockport Central School District Strategic Plan 2019-20.pdf