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Hillary Olson Educates and Excites Brockport Community About Total Solar Eclipse

Did you know Brockport Central School District is on the center line of totality for the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8? Hillary Olson, President/CEO of the Rochester Museum and Science Center and a proud Brockport Alum, returned to the BCSD campus to share valuable insights about all things solar eclipses. Members of the Brockport community gathered to learn about the unique characteristics of this Total Solar Eclipse to help us prepare for this rare cosmic event.

Attendees gained knowledge ranging from proper safety procedures for viewing eclipses to what we can expect to see during the event. Community members also enjoyed solar eclipse mementos! Hillary shared the remarkable fact that another Total Solar Eclipse will not grace Rochester until the year 2144!

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Hillary Olson and the Rochester Museum and Science Center for their visit to BCSD. It is safe to say that Brockport is prepared for this extraordinary event!