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2024-25 BCSD Budget Vote & Board of Education Election

Posted Date: 04/26/2024

Budget Vote Results:

Thank you to all District residents who voted. The results are as follows: 

Proposition 1: PASSED

2024-25 school budget of $96,916,604

Yes: 647
No: 325

Board of Education candidates (two five-year terms, one two-year term)

Four candidates ran for three open seats. Kevin Parmele and David Stroup were elected to serve five-year terms on Brockport’s Board of Education. Terry Ann Carbone was elected to serve a two-year term.

The Board of Education vote results are as follows:
Kevin Parmele (five-year term)- 659
David Stroup (five-year term)- 645
Terry Ann Carbone (two-year term)- 589
Abigail Bristol- 544